Standard Process has three equine supplements that use SP Complete, a human whole food supplement as their base.

GI Support: which contains camomile, brussel sprouts, kale, inulin,and l-glutamine. This whole food supplement is great to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract. I like to use it after horses finish the colon care cleanse. GI Support will help these horses maintain a healthy balance of normal flora in their intestines once we get rid of the unwanted transitional flora, and protect them from the everyday stresses to their GI system.

Immune Support: This product contains tumeric, which contains curcumin, a very good immune system booster. I use Immune Support for horses with skin problems, horses who have been exposed to disease, and horses who are traveling or under excessive stress. This product acts as a primer to “jump start” the immune system into doing it’s job as well as possible.

Equine Performance: Helps horses to recover quickly from hard exercise as well as strains and tissue repair. The base of SP Complete gives great generalized support to all systems, with tart cherry added to cope with inflammation, anti-oxidants, and ribose as an energy source. Many report that their horses have held their adjustments longer when supplemented with Standard Process Equine Performance.

The other products that Standard Process makes for horses are Equine Metabolic Support and Equine Mobility Support. These original products do not contain SP Complete. In most cases, I would recommend adding it to them.

The Equine Metabolic Support was developed partly by Dr.Rick Tulley. It works well to balance any metabolic problem. It is made up of whole foods that will encourage endocrine balance. Examples are laminitis, hypothyroid, PPSM, cushings,and insulin resistance.