We specialize in equine reproduction and hard to breed mares. We offer stallion collection and semen shipping, insemination of mares with both cooled and frozen semen, and embryo transfer. Acupuncture has been proven to assist in getting mares to cycle and get pregnant. We have had good success using acupuncture to assist in our breeding program.

A good nutritional program and artificial lighting will both help mares to cycle earlier and breed more successfully. We recommend that you put your mare under lights right after Thanksgiving to have her cycling by February. Put the mare in a stall with a light bulb bright enough that you can read a newspaper, even in the corners of the stall. Set a timer for the bulb to come on at dusk and provide the mare with two hours extra daylight each day. The purpose of the lighting is to make the mare’s pituitary gland think she is in the long, sunny; 16 hour days of late spring.

We feed ADM Patriot and StayStrong Minerals or ADM Senior Glo to our broodmares. (The Whole Horse Veterinary Clinic carries ADM feed). We also carry a supplement that Gabriele formulated to promote healthy estrogen activity. It is called MIF, and Gariele has gotten many barren mares to conceive and carry their foals.

For more information on MIF, see Gabriele’s website: www.kamanimalservices.com.