We are also offering cranial sacral work for horses with neurologic problems, problems involving the sinuses and TMJ joint, and lymphatic swellings. Dr. Groves has been trained by the Upledger Institute to do lymphatic drainage. Behice Kutay, a teacher in the Upledger Institute, is also available to work on difficult cases.

We are currently applying for a grant to research the effect of lymphatic drainage on tendon adhesions. So far, we have been able to show immediate improvement of tendon sheath adhesions after treatment.

Lymph needs to be flowing for the body to be healthy. When the flow is decreased by blockages, the lymph stagnates and can form lumps. Lymphatic drainage removes the blocks and restores the natural flow.

Poor lymphatic drainage in the legs can result in a horse stocking up when confined to a stall. Opening the lymph vessels in the area can help prevent the swelling of the legs.