Both my study of nutrition in the horse and my osteopathic training tell me that the horse has a digestive tract that is specialized to most efficiently digest fat and fiber. Cool Stance provides your horse with both a high quality, stable, medium chain fatty acid and a high fiber diet, as Cool Stance is greater than 20% fiber. This feed is low in starch, so horses do not get high strung on it; and it is low in non structural carbohydrates, so it is safe for insulin resistant horses as well as horses with other metabolic problems.

This feed is totally natural, and is both chemical and GMO free. It is made from coconut white meat that is first dried, then ground and baked. The NSC is <11%. Starch is <2%. This is not a new product, it has been fed to horses for over 20 years. Cool Stance is full of amino acids that provide your horse with digestible energy without a “hot” source of protein. The amino acids in Cool Stance provide a high amount of digestible energy, and thus a high protein value on the label, yet this is a “cool” source of protein that is safe for both I/R and metabolic problem horses. Those of you now feeding coconut oil to help your horses thyroid balance know that the oil is stable at both very hot and very cold temperatures. Since the Cool Stance is made from coconuts, you can discontinue feeding additional coconut oil with it. Cool Stance and hay will provide most horses with all the vitamins and minerals that they need. For horses needing an additional source of vitamins and minerals, such as some yearlings and broodmares, I would recommend adding one teaspoon of Chlorella powder to the diet. Chlorella provides vitamins and minerals from a natural source, and is far superior to synthetic vitamins and minerals that may not be absorbed properly, and can actually cause harm to the horse’s system during the absorption process. If you are transitioning your horse from his present diet to Cool Stance, you will achieve the best results by adding a small amount of Cool Stance to the horse’s feed each day, gradually decreasing the feed that you are giving now. Give yourself two weeks to totally transition to the new feed. We recommend that you give your horse between one and three cups of Cool Stance two times daily, depending on his workload. You should be feeding much less of the Cool Stance than the amount of pelleted feeds or grains that you were previously feeding. Many of my clients are mixing Cool Stance and water with a timothy or timothy alfalfa cube from Tractor Supply.