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Dr. Groves is certified in veterinary homeopathy. She has completed Richard Pitcairn's class and is presently studying with the ESSH group under Vega Rozenberg in Arizona.

Homeopathy provides an alternative to conventional allopathic treatment for a variety of ailments. Homeopathy uses the law of similars to treat the animal. This law proposes that a substance that causes disease can also cure disease by stimulating the body's natural immunity. (Like cures like).

Dr. Groves has had good success treating eye problems, immune system issues, behavior problems, chronic disease and chronic pain, acute disease such as sprained tendons and ligaments, allergies, colic, etc. using homeopathy.

The remedies used in homeopathy are made from natural substances such as plants, minerals, and animals. They are administered orally to the animal. There are over 3000 remedies to choose from. The choice of which remedy to give is made based on symptoms the horse is showing. The idea is to choose a remedy that addresses the overall state of disease in the horse. Homeopathy treats the whole horse, not just the most prominent symptoms.

How to give Homeopathic remedies - Download & Print

For more info visit: Homeopathic Medicine


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