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To get rid of parasites before they attack your horse, follow these suggestions from the

American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP):

1. Pick up and dispose of manure droppings in the pasture at least twice weekly.

2. Mow and harrow pastures regularly to break up manure piles and expose parasite eggs and

larvae to the elements.

3. Rotate pastures by allowing other livestock, such as sheep or cattle, to graze them, thereby

interrupting the life cycles of parasites.

4. Group horses by age to reduce exposure to certain parasites and maximize the deworming

program geared to that group.

5. Keep the number of horses per acre to a minimum to prevent overgrazing and reduce the fecal

contamination per acre.

6. Use a feeder for hay and grain rather than feeding on the ground.

7. Remove bot eggs quickly and regularly from the horse’s haircoat to prevent ingestion.

8. Rotate deworming agents, not just brand names, to prevent chemical resistance.

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